slow down and see

As an adult we may remark on a beautiful day, but can we notice the day as if we were a child? If we take a walk, can we focus on the leaves on the trees and how the breeze move them, their myriad colors and textures. Can we focus our gaze long enough to reveal in the sensory experience. 

I believe we can because we knew how to do this when we were children. It is just a matter of slowing down to a child's pace to allow ourselves the luxury of time to take in what we normally rush past. 

Powell House Retreat 2015


We gathered in Old Chatham for our annual retreat.  The building that we stay in, is an old mansion located by a pond and surrounded by woods. On Friday night, we met with old and new Friends. Later, we shared objects which had connectivity to our spiritual journeys.  

On Saturday morning, more Friends joined us for worship sharing on queries; How did you come to Quakerism and why did you stay? What does it mean to be Quakers? We then broke up the silence with a rousing game of A Big Wind Blows. We shared on queries through a different structure, called Wagon Wheel. In this activity we formed a circle within a circle. Each person spoke for two minutes to the Friend opposite them about the quality of the life of our Meeting. 


9/23 - Brunch RFM meeting

This morning, the youth of RFM gathered at the Carrolls' house for brunch as a meeting to modify and improve the RFM website. Lucy (Jackson) made home fries as Sylke made eggs, and Liz made pancakes. Included was a bowl of mixed fruits. 

Whilst eating our brunch, we discussed what we might like to do to the website to help improve it. We had a small debate and in the end we came to a consensus.

Everyone did their part contributing to either the photos or the written components of the website (and/or the food!)