RFM in all its verdant glory

Sitting in expectant silence and discerning the Divine during Meeting for Worship yesterday and while gazing out of the windows (what we like to call our "Quaker stained glass"), one can appreciate the intricate beauty of nature throughout the four seasons.  At the height of summer and on the eve of the harvest season, the greenery of the tall trees that surround our Meetinghouse  floods into the Meeting Room yet gently invites all to contemplate the wonders of life. 

There were just over a dozen of us gathered, but the Spirit was running amok among the Friends as many were moved to speak; it was another "gathered meeting".  Members spoke of birthdays of loved ones, the vibrant colors of the season especially at farmers markets, and the genuine love and hope for those close to our hearts but who may be embarking on new journeys in far away lands or who are currently away and returning home soon.  (Ironically, one of those who was mentioned will be returning from Paris.... you know, "The City of Light.")  

What was clear from yesterday's Meeting is that there is a genuine sense of community here at RFM.  The Spirit moved a few in such profound ways that when those people stood up and paused to collect their thoughts and wipe away tears, there was a palpable desire among the rest of us to embrace their spirit tightly and to hold them in the Light.  Our Quaker community here in Rockland may be small compared to other Monthly Meetings, but we do our best to treat each one with the same love and care that we would expect from our own families.  This is RFM's manifestation of the Quaker Testimony of COMMUNITY.  Being present to one another is such a simple yet profound act that speaks to the core of our human condition.  That warmth continued during Afterthoughts and at the rise of Meeting while were noshing on some wholesome food during the potluck fellowship in the community room.  

We welcome all who seek a connection with the Spirit.  Swing by and gaze out our Quaker stained glass with us on Sundays at 11am.  Or, visit our table at the Nyack Street Fair on Sunday, September 11.  There, you can meet members of our community and learn more about the Religious Society of Friends... because we are so much more than the guy on the box of oatmeal.  So much more.  #IAmAQuaker 

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